It is time for the New York Mets to Fire

Mickey Callaway.

.....Mickey thinking about 'process'.

"It shows me it is spinnning out of control.  The game is speeding up for Mickey as well.  He has to take a step back and say 'Hey, I made a misatke'.  Own up to it."

....Nelson Figueroa referring to Mickeys recent in-game handling of the bullpen.  

"I hope you rented and didn't buy...".

Joe Benigno referring to Mickey Callaway        

I am a long-time Mets fan.  Followed them since the Yankees had to 'borrow' Shea Stadium when they were renovating their old stadium.  Cheered the 1973 team, went to several of their playoff and world series games.  I've been a HUGE fane for decades.

I never once called for Terry to be fired.  Whether you loved or hated him, he was firey and kept the respect of his players.  He wasn't afraid to throw a chair or two in the locker room if guys weren't playing their best or hardest.

Now, with advanced Sabermetrics, we have a new breed of manager.  A passionless yes-man.  One that focuses on numbers and 'process' only.  And he has made a mess of this season.

Right now, the Mets need a wake up call.  They are asleep.  They have a better line up than the 2011, 2012, and 2013 teams and are setting franchise records for fewest hits, fewest runs, etc.  Records that have stood since the late 1800's.  Yes, the 1800's.

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